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The Need for Independent Claims Adjusters Tags: claims adjusting nationwide

The demand for Professional claims services is growing too fast for staff adjusters to meet those demands. Insurance companies have salaried adjusters who work directly for them. Other entities, such as lenders and government assistance program departments, also have adjusters for inspections, assessments of potential risks, and adherence to regulations, policies, and code standards.

Why Gaps?

If every company and organization that needs adjusters have them on staff, but how big is the need for Independent Insurance Adjusting? The need is actually quite extensive. As the housing market improves, the population grows, and prices for essential items skyrocket, there are more and more people buying homes, applying for rental assistance, and taking out equity loans. All that activity requires claims adjustment services, and there are currently not enough qualified adjusters to handle the caseloads.

Routine Use

In some cases, the distance covered by an agency or insurance company is vast. Utilizing the help of independent adjusters is the only way to meet demands while keeping costs down. A specific example is the Maine State Housing Authority. Inspections and valuations have to be completed before anyone is approved for first-time home buyer loans or Section 8 rental assistance.

Properties and units have to meet minimum requirements in order to qualify. Aroostook County, the largest east of the Mississippi River, is located at the top of the state. This rural area is at least a five-hour drive from the capital of Augusta. The travel cost and time allocation for an adjuster to get there for inspections are prohibitive, leading to minimal trios and long waiting lists. The use of local adjusters saves the agency time and money while meeting the demands of the population.

Occasional Use

In the event of natural catastrophes, large losses, and unexpected circumstances, many claims have to be processed quickly so people and commercial clients can begin to recover. Independent adjusters are contracted to assist branch adjusters who are overwhelmed. Local adjusters may be dealing with total losses themselves. Bomb cyclones, snow in Florida and beaches being carried into yards by high winds and flooding this winter provide excellent examples of times when many more adjusters than normal are required.

Always Hiring

Insurance companies, organizations, and independent agencies are constantly seeking new adjusters to keep up with demands. Applications can be completed online, and some independent agencies offer training programs so no experience is necessary. Those looking for jobs, or are interested in changing careers, are encouraged to find out more information.

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